The perfect playlist does not exist

I'm singing along to Fly me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra feat. Count Basie and His Orchestra as I try to imagine what my life would be like if I took tap dancing classes. Totally uncoordinated. I'm really a sucker for the oldies. They sound like pure love - the kind I like to... Continue Reading →

Casual Casualty

I've gotten my heart broken a couple of times. Well, twice to be exact. First time was when my well-articulated love letter was never replied to (I'm a bitter woman). But to be fair, I never left any R.SV.P. details. Second time was when I had to leave a birthday party early because my curfew... Continue Reading →

To do, or not to do?

Seems the rapture could come early. Before that happens though, we have to stay home for a while to avoid getting each other sick and/or encouraging further spread of COVID-19. At least there's a better chance Christ's second coming will find you indoors as opposed to getting wild in the club. There's an endless list... Continue Reading →

Festive limbo

First of all, university students should be excluded from holidays (unless the holidays include a lot of unsupervised drinking). I mean, there's got to be less abrasive questions than "why have you lost weight? Is there no food where you live?" There is food, Aunty Jessica, though I much rather prefer to gorge myself on... Continue Reading →

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