Suit your shot

My friend wants a sugar mummy. He's been singing about it for quite some time now. I also want a salt daddy but we don't always get what we want. Or not. I figure if you can get a young woman you can get yourself a salted, sorry, older one. The same points could work.... Continue Reading →

Cheater’s Club

We're all cheaters in one way or the other. If you haven't cheated on somebody you've cheated in an exam or cheated when it came to your diet- or whatever else it is healthy people do. First of all, this is not a cheater's manual because, hey, what the heck. Secondly, if I gave you... Continue Reading →

Becky with the good hair

Personal grooming is an essential part of... Well... Being a normal human being. And personal grooming includes things such as shaving. I'm not giving a TED talk on how to groom or more specifically, how to shave your, you know, hey nanny nanny. I just personally wish people didn't grow, or I, didn't grow hair... Continue Reading →

Adulting 101

I'm apparently an adult (or at least I'm trying to be) and what I do should not be my parents' concern, right? Wrong. That was before my mom called me up in the middle of the night (it was around 10 p.m actually) sometime last month and she was mad. Not the kind of mad... Continue Reading →

Nineteen in a few

We all know I'm huge on procrastinating and that's what I've been doing for the past (I stopped counting actually) 'few' weeks. First it was the exams then it was relaxing after a long and difficult (I'm lying) semester and then it was just pure laziness. Sure, I've been busy doing stuff with my life.... Continue Reading →

Cat on wheels and other stories

Lately I've been like a cat on wheels. I'm not sure what a cat on wheels is supposed to look like but I'm guessing ridiculous and all over the place. Well, It's July already and past the year half-mark and I've accomplished... a lot. 'A lot' in this case is debatable. The only thing I've... Continue Reading →

The boring girlfriend

There's nothing better than waking up on a bright Friday morning-with no classes. That just means that my weekend starts early. Not that I have any extraordinary plans or anything. Lazing around is my ultimate plan. Well then, let's get started on the boring girlfriend. There are quite a number of things that make people... Continue Reading →

Cats and Bags

My life is dreary and seems to have extremely long hours dragging on and on. My life is hard. Of course that's a big fat lie. But it's also a lie if I say that my life is interesting at the moment. So my mind has been constantly escaping to other more interesting places- like... Continue Reading →

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